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bernandino mountains. controversy brewing as alameda county considers the local use of drones. details next. tonight. police (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: waiting for confirmation that the charred remains found in the burned cabin in the san bernandino mountains. do in fact belong to suspected cop killer christopher dorner. this was the scene. where the shootout with authorities led to a fire at the cabin. tonight police are denying claims that the fire was intentionally set. they say, it was caused by tear gas canisters. late this evening. a couple spoke publicly about their ordeal. when they discovered christopher dorner in their cabin. >> he talked to ross, tried to calm us and he said frequently that he would not kill us. that is exactly how he said that. he told us about the man and the boat in the san diego that he was not going to kill him. he was the means to the and with them and that is what he wanted from oz, he wanted transportation out of big bear. >> pam: the couple managed to free themselves. then call police, who tracked
and there are a few details that are coming out right now. we just spoke with someone from alameda police department and they stated that about 8:45 p.m. they received a call about fires being shot on this street. ted that when they arrived they discovered that one victim had a gunshot wound and that they were transported to a hospital where he died of his injuries. there is not a lot of descriptions for the victim. he was a young adult and that is about it for right now. because of the time of when that happens crime scene investigators were out but obviously they were waiting to get a break to come so that they can investigate more. this is why the schools will remain closed for today. you will see that there will be a search of the grounds and that we will have canine units out. they will do a real search. >> this is what we're seeing out here right now within the last 15 to 20 minutes more resources have started to pour into this elementary school area. this is a rather large campus. they will have canine units out on the ground. the lasting that that one is for any weapons to be left behind and
at the scene. where tonight the lockdown. plus: teachers in alameda in district. details on what *could be alameda. now at eight. >> our department is in mourning. horrific day. we lost two exceptionally fine officers today. a deadly afternoon in santa cruz >> heard 50 to 100 shots fired. >> semi automatic and it was really really close. two officers and a suspect die in a pair of shootings. businesses and schools have been locked down for hours as swat teams make a citywide manhunt. we are following this developing story. as the manhunt now heads into the nighttime hours. kron 4's rob fladeboe is live at the scene with new reaction from police. rob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: will of an open heart it is confirmed that there have been to officers- it has been confirmed. that there is been to officers-- two officers killed from the santa cruz police department. let us show you some aerial photos with our helicopter partnership with abc seven. they were investigating reports of bisexual assault. with other officers responding after the suspect started shooting. earlier, that is w
by a fire this morning near dan inventory on alameda diablo inside the diablo country club at about 4:45 a.m. the husband and wife occupants of a caretaker's apartment woke to the smell of smoke and called 911. they say they didn't have a light of time to get outside -- have a lot of time to get outside. >> we had to run. there was a lot of smoke. we didn't grab anything. just run downstairs. >> another employee who lived in a room downstairs was also displaced. everybody got out safely. there were no injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> reporter: i'm brian flores, fire department divers just completed a very important drill. we'll tell you about it and the collaboration with the coast guard. >>> the rain is gone but still kind of cold out there. mark tamayo will tell us for how long. >> reporter: the chinese new year parade is right around the corner. coming up we'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at what you can expect in this year's parade. ao >>> kansas city authorities recovered a body from the site of a natural gas explosion this morning. but they've not
to drown himself at beach in alameda local rescuers said at the time they were not properly strand to save him. they didn't go in the water. tonight the city claims they didn't even have to try. the man died at crown beach in alameda on memorial day in 2011. allen fwhit important hearing that took place in the case today. >> when 53-year-o raymond zack wandered neck high into the frigid water off alameda crown breach onlookers wondered why police and firefighters stood by as the man succumbed to hypothermia and drowned. >> california by law has created a series of privileges for police fire nishtion court today the attorney for alameda said it was not their duty to prevent zack from committing suicide. >> law specifically says the officers are immune for their actions unless they go in and make the situation worse. >>reporter: but attorneys for zack brother robert zack who is suing alameda say the fire department did make the situation worse. >> they cleared the beach. they stopped people from communicate with zack. stopped people from walking out to try to establish contact and talk
's be careful. >>> alameda county sheriff's deputies are investigating a deadly shooting at a san leandro elementary school. tara moriarty has more about the young victim. >> reporter: we are here at the elementary school where the sheriff's deputies have the entire roads blocked off and they are in the back collecting evidence. we are at a field where we are told the shooting happened nearby and they have the area lit up pretty well. friends of the young man said he was playing a dice game when somebody shot him in the back to your times. he was transported to the hospital but later died. witnesses say several people were running from the scene and alameda county sheriff's deputies did not locate any suspects. we spoke to his childhood friends who are devastated. >> they say he was shot over a dice came for two hours. why would somebody do that over two hours. i was really sad besides he is my best friend and i have known him since he was in elementary school since he was in 2nd grade. >> he was a star football player with more than 100 tackless and he was a star at junior college. we sp
. the alameda county sheriff says the car hammer was in had expired tags and belonged to another person. hammer reportedly reacted angrily to a request for proof of ownership an refused to get out of the car. he was arrested thursday in dublin for obstructing a police officer. the rapper says he was racially profiled. >>> investigators say they have several new tips about the prime suspect in the las vegas strip shooting. police are looking for 26-year- old amar harris saying he shot and killed kenneth cherry an oakland native. ever since harris was identified as the prime suspect two days ago, tips have been pouring in. police found his range rover over the weekend. >>> 4:32. investigators have released a sketch of a man wanted for one robbery attempt in downtown palo alto. police say this man is wanted for trying to rob a man friday night at a parking garage on webster street. the victim says the suspect rode up on a bike, pulled out a gun demanding money. the victim tried to grab the gun. they fought and separated. it might be related to three s
in alameda county about every other week. kpix 5 reporter da lin tells us it's so bad officials are reaching out for help. >> reporter: this peaceful scenic route has an ugly violent side. >> it's pretty dangerous. >> reporter: alameda county authorities say crow canyon road reported 93 accidents in four years two fatal. >> bad, very bad. they speed too much. >> reporter: transportation officials want to improve a six- mile stretch of this county road that is being used by some as a freeway. >> i do 50, 45 and they are honking the horns, high beaming me. >> honked at or those tailgates are close to you. >> reporter: authorities say 30% of the accidents on crow canyon are speed related. the fact that it's one of the busiest roads in alameda county doesn't help. as many as 20,000 cars use it daily. neighbors complain a lot of people use crow canyon road as a shortcut between interstates 580 and 680. >> you get these people especially young people, they just want to push you off the road. >> reporter: county officials want help to cut down on
into what happened continues this morning. we're learning from the alameda county coroner's office they say the man who was shot last night was 18 years old but that's all we know about the victim so far. this happened around 9:00 last night. a neighbor told kpix 5 they heard three shots in the area and then called police. officers rushed the wounded man to the hospital where he later died. now, san leandro police say they are investigating this as a homicide. and i did call the school's hotline to see if it would affect anything today but again there was no indication of that in the recording. reporting live from san leandro, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> a deadly stabbing near san jose high school may be gang- related. officers say someone stabbed a teenager on north 21st yesterday minutes before class got out. that's just a few blocks from the high school there. according to the police, the stabbing of the boy may have started with an off-campus fight. this is san jose's fifth homicide of the year. >>> death threats against a california lawmaker
for the support of the legislation. alameda county and all of the contractors in alameda that i represent look forward to this passing. it will stimulate a lot of work. laborwise and contractorswise. we look at the puc as being on the forefront of extending this out to the rate-payers out of the local area here in san francisco. so thank you very much. >> thank you. any other members of the public wishing to comment? please step forward. >> good morning. my name is lisa vigil. i am also a small firm advisory committee member. but i kind of wear two hats here. i also am with carpenter's local 152 in manteca and so in in that area i cover seven counties, san joaquin, stanislaus, mer yesterday calaveras and tuolomne counties. i am here to speak to 14b.2 amendment. i think it's a great opportunity. as i have sat on the board i have seen a lot of good things and a lot of good opportunities come for contractors and through these opportunities, these contracts being small lbes or micro business contractors, we're able to grow their companies. that is really great because that is what we're looking
of alameda. the tragic incident on memorial day made national news. raymond zach died on an alameda beach as rescue teams watched on shore. police and firefighters say they failed to help the suicidal man because they were not certified in walter rescues. a lawyer calls it a tragic situation. >>> we have seen wild car races in the movies but now oakland police are trying to stop real life street racers that are trying to make their own movies of dangerous stunts. there are dozens of videos like this posted online where amateur street racers openingly roar down public roads in the bay area. their cars are going more than 100 miles an hour. sometimes in the middle of the day. we spoke to one drag racer who did not want to show his face. >> i just want to be the fastest out there. i bring my car out once or twice a week. >> we believe it has increased. it is coming back. people can if not be injured but killed. >> oakland police say it's time to crack down on the dangerous drag racers. they are considering several moves including speed bumps. >>> time now 4:55. definitely not a good day to b
and done, a cal graduate and current alameda resident found himself in contention sunday. we'll have highlights in the final round. >>> you couldn't have asked for a better day for today's final round at pebble beach. this is what the monterey peninsula is known for. you look at a gorgeous day. the final round of the pro am. and brandt thought it was a pretty great day, too. he entered the day and got off to a great start. second hole. this is his second shot. he would eagle and take possession. this is for birdie. just 17 under par. start to distance himself from the field. the only player to really have a chance to catch snedker. he connects. he had a final round, 66, and finished in second place. it was the alameda resident james hahn starting the day one shot back on 16 for birdie. he was never much of a factor after that. this is jim harbaugh playing. that's for birdie. not a bad day all in all for the 49ers head coach. the 18 hole. toby, this is a chance to win the pro am. the team would share the pro am title. then snedeker on 18. this is the par putt. he sinks it. his first w
's father and he had stuff to say to us a few moments ago. alameda county sheriff's deputies say foster was shot in the bock multiple times at about 9:00 last night after -- in the back multiple times at about 9:00 last night after he was hear playing dice with people. >> i heard two shouts. there was a -- shots. there was two and then a pause and then two more. >> reporter: they were on campus after hours playing dice even though the gates are locked. one family member came looking for foster after he didn't come home. this woman who lives close to the school says she will never forget when deputies informed the mother of the victim. >> i guess the police told her it was hill and just to hear her screaming was like nails on chalkboard. it was horrific. it was something out of a horror movie. >> reporter: foster's friend showed up last night and into the morning saying they are devastated. >> one of my friends is saying that he was shot in a dice game over like $2. i was like wow. why would someone do that? >> reporter: foster was a star oakland football player in high school. friends s
cuando viviía en oakland, siempre se escuchaban. s.o.t. j.d. nelson/alguacil, cdo, de alameda 1:33:01 at the time when we got here he was by himself but we do believe there were other people in the area. el portavoz del alguacil dice que no encontraron a nadie junto al cadaver, pero que saben que habia otra gente, y ya estn siguiendo pistas. las autoridades investigan si un juego de dados conllev al homicidio. la escuela cerr todo el da para facilitar la investigacin. s.o.t. veronica navarro/vecina de escuela 6:32:01 aqui nos preocupamos porque todos los niños van a esta escuela, uno piensa que está en el lugar más seguro pero uno nunca sabe. s.o.t. sharon lampel/distrito escolar de san lorenzo their school is a safe place for them. i don't want them to be afraid to come to school. la portavoz del distrito dijo que la escuela es segura y que no quiere que los estudiante teman ir a clases. s.o.t. maría ochoa/vecina 11:31:17 llegaron los policías y nos preguntaron que si habíamos escuchado algo, le digo que no. la seÑora ochoa dice que nunca haba visto algo similar. s.o.t.
county. >>> there's still no decision by the alameda county board of supervisors after the meeting about the use of drugs. the alameda county sheriff's department wants to purchase two unarmed drones to help them in emergency situations. but many opponents are worried about priorcy. no action was taken about whether to allow the full board to vote on the $31,000 grant toward the purchase of drones. >>> the city of oakland has suffered a legal blow in its effort to block the federal government from shutting down a medical marijuana dispensary. a federal judge has tossed out the city's lawsuit that said that closing down harborside health center would lead to a health and safety crisis. the lawsuit argued many dispensary patients would turn to the illegal marijuana market. oakland was the first city in the nation to take down a pot dispensaries. >>> what's happening today to the ill-faded carnival cruise ship triumph? one day after thousands of passengers trip finally came to an end. >>> ktvu's meteorologist rosemary orozco will talk about major and wet changes on the way. >>> and a wild c
of alameda this morning. the change in the bay area weather is the top story. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. >>> we begin with a storm that's bringing wet, cold weather a all over the bay area -- weather all over the bay area. we have team coverage. steve paulson has the details how long the chilly weather will last. we begin with tara moriarty live in walnut creek. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. the rain has just let up. but it's been sporadic downpours and the cold snap and wet weather is really met with mixed reaction. the wintry blast comes in the wake of a sunny stretch where we saw temperatures in the 70s over the weekend but this morning a cold weather system swept in from alaska, delivering a one-two-punch of rain. the national weather service says there's also a chance of thunderstorms and hail. one woman we spoke to said she had to keep morning to stay warm. are you annoyed by it or do you think it's about time? >> it sucks because i don't have a car. >> the rain definitely needs to go. >> reporter: now, in petaluma, the rain was steady. we spoke to on
, i worked for over ten years in alameda county as a welfare worker working with food stamps and general assistance programs in the east bay. i have also worked as a farm worker in pear and walnut orchards and planting grape vineyards while i was working my way through high school, during my tenure with cal fresh, it has one a 1 million dollars usd access and participation grant to establish a call center, build an online application portal and establish a network of community based organizations to help improve access to cal fresh. during the five years since the recession started, the cal fresh caseload in san francisco has grown by 86% from just under 15 thousand cases to 29 thousand cases representing over 40 thousand san francisco residents served by this program. upwards of 7 million dollars in cal fresh benefits are issued each month in san francisco, mostly trance -- transacted by large retailers, now a third of our monthly applications come in online, during my tenure with cal fresh, we established a restaurant meal program where low-income, homeless or disabled ind
5 reporter cate caugiran is at the alameda county courthouse where a judge just freed ronald ross moments ago. >> through all the time, i'm so proud that god brought him through. i'm really proud. >> reporter: for the first time in nearly 7 years, this mother got a chance to hug her son, a right that was wrongly taken away. what was that first hug like, that moment? >> like i was in i don't know just like i was in the garden of eden somewhere. but god brought me through. it felt good. >> reporter: thelma's son ronald ross was vindicated after being wrongly convicted of a 2006 shooting in oakland. he spent nearly 7 years behind bars. thanks to a team of volunteer lawyers, the northern california "innocence project," today ross will walk out of jail a free man. >> i'm really, really happy and relieved. it's been almost five years, 4.5 years, of work. >> reporter: hard work that paid off. the team argued he was a victim of poor police work and lies from witnesses. the alameda county prosecutors agreed. >> we had a tape-recorded more or less co
. oakland police, alameda k-nine-unit and bomb squad are on the scene. they also have a chopper over he did. it is a largely residential area no word on who authorities are looking for but the crews at the scene tells us that the police presentation has grown within the our. we will update you on this developing story tonight on the 150:00 news. >>> attorneys for a bay area man for who spent ten years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. rob ross joined his lawyers to talk about the prosthaes led to his release. it took five years to get the conviction owe turned the his attorney said false testimony helps set ross free. >> he was convinced she couldn't stand behind the conviction anymore. it was just and i admire that. >> his attorney said thaefrpz stay on with their -- they'll stay on with their client probono. >> the. >>> the cardinals are meeting at the vatican to the defendant" the vatican announced pope benedict changed church law to allow allow the process to begin without the 15-day wait period. the new pope could begin before the beginning of holy week. cardinal william la veda
. >>reporter: arco station at park and encino in alameda one of 4 stations deemed to be among the worst violators in alameda county. >> most important regulations is to require certain sensors be inside certain areas of the upped ground storage compartment to make sure there is a fuel leak it's detected. >>reporter: underground storage tank at this station had sensors but instead of placed next to the ground they were app inch above the ground. so the sensors would not go off unless the leak was severe. >> bp was in instructing their service stations here at alameda county that they could be raised up to an inch so that would allow for a leak that wouldn't be detect theed for quite some time. >>reporter: deputy da says that sensor violation was the most egregious. most of the other violations named in the suit have to do with maintaining equipment, proper monitoring and training in a statement to 7 news bp says the bulk of the allegation were his procedural violations concerning documentation and that a small number of the alleged violations relate to the monitoring of tank none of t
. >> developing news, alameda county sheriff deputies are looking if a shooter after a young man was fatally shot at a school in san leandro. amy is live the scene scene with the latest. >> it happened outside this elementary school. southwest gators are still here on the scene and been here all night. it happened last night at 9:00, a call that shots were fired. they found a young adult man, possibly 18 or 19. they are not sure. they say he was killed in the incident and they have not made any arrests. investigators are looking for schools and blocked off a huge section of this area here in front of the school. no word on when it will re-open, if it will re-open in time for school to start. this is in san leandro. it is alameda county sheriff who is here investigating this and this is the first murder of the year for the alameda county sheriff. we will bring you updates as we follow the developing story through the day. >> breaking news at hillside elementary school in san leandro and we will keep our eye point. also, the bart board will take the first step in a controversial plan to raise fares
behind san leandro hillside 62. alameda county sheriff say it appears foster was involved in some kind of game with several ors when gunfire erupted. >> found on the school grounds. but again we don't want to assume for 100 percent that that is exactly where the crime occurred because he may have run to the spot. >> the college football team this past season. graduate of oakland high school where he also played football. at lane the konl told us he would have been on the field did for spring conditioning with the teammate. >> felt everybody here. avenues registered linebacker last year. trying to do the right thing. transferred coming to make the transition from high school to college. >> class were his cancelled at hillside school today to give investigators time to gather any evidence that might be in the field during daylight hour hours. >> we don't expect something like that to the happen at school. not at the night team. safe for the kid. >> pretty much a good kid. good friend. good other brother. perfect role model. nothing wrong with them at all. >> foster loss hits the f
that. my baby didn't deserve it at all. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's deputies don't have a motive. the district shut down the school thursday so investigators could search for evidence. >> it's sad for the kids that the school gets shut down for the day. but we didn't want a situation where kids are playing on the grounds and find something they shouldn't not find. >> reporter: detectives walked through the area and combed the area where they initially found foster. some even got on rooftops and they brought in a couple of dogs to sniff for evidence. investigators wouldn't say what the victim was doing there but his father believes foster was playing dice with people he knew. >> the people you hang with, they are really determined your future. >> reporter: foster was a red shirt freshman on the laney college football team. he played at san lorenzo high school for three years before transferring to another high school. his coach says the 18-year-old was a gifted defensive player and nice kid. >> i enjoyed coaching foster. he listened
. >> reporter: the aclu refuses the use of drones in alameda county and elsewhere, it's taken no position yet on private drones. with stronger memories and bigger batteries drones can pick up more. this one is fake for a video game but a drone with a gun is possible. >> if i were still active and i saw one of those doing something like that i would shoot it down. you know pure and simple. destroy it. >> reporter: former alameda sheriff charles plumber says it's an faa problem. law enforcement and the faa are already concerned about drones in the national air space. we obtained this video of a drone buzzing the golden gate bridge. parks and schoolyards all could be vulnerable. >> of course i'm worried about like all reasonable people should be. >> reporter: small, smart drones can do amazing things, play music. go through windows or loiter outside a closed window. >> it's obviously an invasion of privacy and you should deal with the situation when it happens. >> reporter: drones could help where it's too dangerous for people storms or fires. drones already observe wildlife though this texas ra
scene investigators from the alameda county shares apartment remain out here. route 8:45 p.m. last night and unincorporated san leandro on the 15,000 lot of marcella on the school grounds of those let elementary school, as ever was called out to the scene of a shooting. they did find one victim who had been shot. he was transferred to the medical center where he died of his injuries. we do not have a lot of information at this time. we're being told it is a young adults. we do not know what led up to the shooting. we are expecting a spokesman from the alameda county sheriff's department within ourselves so we can get more details. as far as school goes, i've been on the schools website as well as that lorenzo's unified district website. we have no indication whether or not school is to be in session. school is supposed to start at 755 this morning. i obviously students and parents and teachers and staff are waiting to hear whether not there will be school. all those questions should be answered in the next half-hour or sell. >> people are waiting so stay tuned to kron4 to find out at thi
one of the most controversial tools in law enforcement. abc 7 news takes you to alameda county where small aircraft are a topic of a hot debate. >> a life size model of a predator drone sits menacingly along these protesters. they won't be flying any time soon but these might. small unmanned helicopters with cameras. >> sheriff ahern wants to spend up to $50,000 on the devices he says could survey scenes of fires but those aren't the uses that have civil rights groups concerned. >> we're afraid it's going to be used for protesters and dissidents people against police brutality. >> the sheriff says that would never happen. >> you don't use these types of devices for surveillance. or gathering intelligence. >> american civil liberties union wants that in writing. >> problem with the policy is that it's crafted to look narrow but contains loophole that's render privacy meaningless. >> alameda county supervisors prepared to decide how much authority the case that could be watched the world over. >> we want to get this right. >> alameda county would be the first to n.california to use the
no motive for the alleged killing. alameda county board of supervisors' public protection >> this sea of people is gathered at city hall to bring attention to domestic violence against women. with flash and dancing and other performances were part of the international campaign against domestic violence. they were having a great time expressing themselves. this is a serious issue. this is a global movement taking place in over 190 countries on valentine's day. in the san francisco, for rectums standing tall. they are rising because they are fighting back the -- victim's standing tall. >> it is one in three women, with human trafficking, violence, at some point. today, there are 1 billion women that are violence towards women. >> i had a co-worker that was tortured and killed by her husband. there was no prioress. we all have to be diligent and aware of our surroundings and our women around us. today the board of supervisors listened to a pitch from the alameda county sheriffs office to approve the purchase of a four-pound areal drone, like this one. the sherriff saying today the unmann
updated. >> pam: car thefts up in alameda county. of car thefts in one county. we'll show you what models thieves are targetting. and the shocking interview -- with the man behind one kron4's haaziq madyun shows us what police are doing -- and breaks down the shocking >> "your steering wheel lock is right there" >> "oh yeah" >> "how come it's not on the wheel?" >> "only at night" >> "this is why it gets stolen, you gotta put that lock on it" >> reporter: chp investigator marc hinch is a member of the alameda county regional auto theft task force this car was stolen not too long ago? >> "yeah it was recovered in january" >> reporter: we are here in hayward where there has been a 27% increase in auto thefts over the past yearstolen vehicles are up 17% county wide this is one of the most popular cars right? >> "yeah 1990's honda accord is on the list of one of the most stolen cars in alameda county" >> reporter: in fact according to the auto theft task force website90's models of the accord is the hottest vehiclethe number 1 stolen car on the list.targeted 194 times in the month of decembera
's not only causing an international controversy but a local one, as well. the alameda county sheriff's department is making another pitch to buy and use unmanned aerial droughns. jodi hernandez joins us this evening from oakland with the details. >> the alameda county sheriff's department could become the first agency in the state to deploy droughns. the debate took center stage at a board of supervisors committee meeting here today. civil rights advocates hope to ground the proposal before it has a chance to take off. >> you're looking at the 4.4 pound aerial droerngs the alameda county sheriff's department wants to buy it. the drone or what the sheriff calls a small unmanned aerial system would be used to give officers a bird's eye view at crime scenes and search and rescue operations. >> these things have a 25-minute capability flight time. so for 25 minutes, to search areas for lost children or elderly or alzheimer's patients, to search an area that would be very difficult. >> these devices -- >> but as the sheriff's department made the pitch to members of the board of supervisor
from the scene. alameda county sheriffs searched by helicopter. but so far they've not found any suspects. >> investigators have been here all night. the school is closed for the day. we'll do another search when it gets light and the school will probably open tomorrow. >> reporter: we have youtube video we would like to show you, highlights of foster's senior here in oakland. he went to san lorenzo high, friends say for a couple of years. he was currently attending laney college where he played football. coming up later, you will hear from foster's friends and why they are so completely devastated over the loss of their friend. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:02. earlier this morning, power was restored to people on treasure island. the outage was first reported around 2:30 and affected the entire island. the san francisco public utilities commission says the cause of the outage is unknown. >>> a san francisco man is facing charges after police say he tried to sell stolen copper wire. the "examiner" reports an employee at a recycling center called police tuesday mo
. i'm just going to have to read it off my screen. a child abduction has occurred in alameda county. the child's name is zaza tollfree. the suspect is kim tollfree black male. california -- we have a reporter here on the scene this happened in oakland. we are running that down for you. our newsroom is working on it. we'll let you know more about this coming up soon. let's go to the traffic pictures and you see on the top screen on the top right of your screen, that is one of the changeable message signs you will see that information that i just mentioned flashing on the signs. the traffic here on the east shore freeway does look good. bay bridge toll plaza not a bad look at all. northbound 280 traffic does look good getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. we have mostly clear skies. patchy fog around. over all a very quiet pattern. not much change from the end of january to first of february. mostly sunny and there will be higher clouds. no big deal. next thursday and friday it looks lake a colder system more so that a rainy system. i know. we're getting to
and when it will be out. >> alameda county judge could rule whether the family of a man who drowned off alameda can sue the city. the 52-year-old wandered into the frigid waters on memorial day of 2011 in an affair rant suicide attempt. they wondered why police stood by as the man drowned. budget constraints at the time kept the file fighters from being recertified to carry out an ocean rescue. the attorney for alameda said it was a tragic situation but first responders did not have any legal duty to help him. the attorney for his brother said the fire department made it worse by stopping people from communicating with him or allowing them access. >> apple is under attack in billionaire hedge fund manager who filed suit against the company saying they should give out a bigger piece of the cash pile to investors. he is the head of green light capital, the move is ahead of apple's annual meeting where the board is likely to be questioned of the falling share price. it is the most valuable technology company in the world apple is facing increasing competition in the smartphone and tablet m
miles per hour. kristen and eric? >> developing news from the east bay, with alameda sheriff investigators are looking into a deadly shooting outside an elementary school. amy joins us live from san leandro. amy? >> i have breaking news. the sheriff announced that hillside elementary in san leandro will be closed. they cannot let children on to the campus today. they want to wait until the sun comes up and they can look the scene campus and search it for evidence. they need to keep the street blocked off and the campus closed. they state murder happened on the campus not outside of it. they need access to the entire area. they don't want people on it. they got a call at 9:00 last night that shots were fired. when officers arrived they found a young adult man was shot. he was taken to the hospital where he died. no arrests were made. investigators say they don't have any leads. or anything they want to release to the public. they still have a thorough search to do and they cannot open up the campus. if you are a parent in this area, in san leandro, hillside elementary has in s
. it was carried out several times, it costs $50,000 in losses. >>> drones in alameda county, what happened today at a contentious public hearing. >> and back here in a few minutes, we have a couple records today. it was warm out there. no fog at the coast tomorrow, warm tomorrow, how warm it will be for your friday. >> live pictures from news chopper 2 over the scene of a double homicide in san jose. new information on what happened coming up momentarily. çÑçÑ >>> more now on breaking news from san jose. we are learning that two people have been killed in san jose, not far from a high school. you can see there is a large police presence there and they roped off one home in the neighborhood. here is what we know. one male and one female were killed. the call came in at 4:45 p.m. we are working to get more information. as we do we will bring it to you. again, the headline right now, two people killed in san jose. not far from a high school. these would be the 6th and 7 7th people killed in san jose so far this year. >>> hundreds of people staged this protest outside the department of human res
. that is moving to the east. watch out if you live in alameda and toward oakland. we have light rain. we have scattered light rain in the north bay and we will have that through the morning. scattered light showers. our best chance will be from 8:00 until 1:00 o'clock when the organized area moves through so scattered showers re-develop with small hail and lightning. >> back to the bay bridge where this is no rain yet and light traffic moving toward the metering lights which are off at this hour on the incline section and in the san francisco it is a nice drive. the san mateo bridge has moisture on the lens but i don't think it is rain and the roads look dry with a few brake lights moving to the high-rise and to foster city. still a tow truck on the scene clearing the accident 580 eastbound before the bridge with traffic getting by without delay. kristen and eric. >> new developments from south africa at the oscar pistorius bail hearing. the prosecution says the olympic track star committed premeditated murder in killingly model girlfriend. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. >> the heari
and police are searching a home. alameda county sheriff's bomb squad, and a highway patrol serving a search warrant. officers set up a perimeter that stretches for several blocks. one woman nearby told us her 16- year-old son is among a dozen people detained by police for a homicide that took place a few days ago. she questions why police didn't contact her after they detained her son, who's a minor. we saw police question at least three people, and officers say items were removed from the home. members of the s.w.a.t. team were on scene. i was told the fbi has been called to insist in this operation. police have been tight lipped about the investigation. i contacted only oakland's police chief. back here live, we can see that the police have used a robot to go into the home down there. and they said the robot indicated no one was inside. now officers are using dogs to go on the ground and search for suspects. that is the latest from here. if we have more during the newscast, we will of course bring you an update. reporting live in east oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> police i
this operation started at 4:00 this afternoon and police are searching a home. alameda county sheriff's bomb squad, and a highway patrol serving a search warrant. officers set up a perimeter that stretches for several blocks. one woman nearby told us her 16- year-old son is among a dozen people detained by police for a homicide that took place a few days ago. she questions why police didn't contact her after they detained her son, who's a minor. we saw police question at least three people, and officers say items were removed from the home. members of the s.w.a.t. team were on scene. i was told the fbi has been called to insist in this operation. police have been tight lipped about the investigation. i contacted only oakland's police chief. back here live, we can see that the police have used a robot to go into the home down there. and they said the robot indicated no one was inside. now officers are using dogs to go on the ground and search for suspects. that is the latest from here. if we have more during the newscast, we will of course bring you an update. reporting live in east oakland,
. >>> alameda teachers and their supporters took their push for a new contract to the school board meeting tonight. hundreds attended the meeting in support of the teacher's. earlier this month, me -- negotiations between the alameda the -- alameda district and the teachers broke down. >>> lee selected katie tang to replace chu. district four encompasses the sunset district. at 29 years old, pang is now the youngest member of the board. she's worked at city hall for 13 years, most recently as the aid to chu. >> i have been heels to fill as lee said. >> we asked the mayor about calls for a mother to be represented on the board. he said he talked with residents of district four and they said having a mom on the board is a worthwhile consideration but they are more interested in continuity and they believe carmen chu has done a good job. >>> hagel has been confirmed. many republicans opposed hagel's nomination because of comments he made about iran. >>> statewide 54% of those asked say they favor legalizing marijuana but with the same kind of restrictions as alcohol. 43% oppose legalizing
evacuated homes in the area and had pg & e cut off gas to those homes. >>> alameda teachers and their supporters took their push for a new contract to the school board meeting tonight. hundreds attended the meeting in support of the teacher's. earlier this month, me -- negotiations between the alameda the -- alameda district and the teachers broke down. >>> lee selected katie tang to replace chu. district four encompasses the sunset district. at 29 years old, pang is now the youngest member of the board. she's worked at city hall for 13 years, most recently as the aid to chu. >> i have been heels to fill as lee said. >> we asked the mayor about calls for a mother to be represented on the board. he said he talked with residents of district four and they said having a mom on the board is a worthwhile consideration but they are more interested in continuity and they believe carmen chu has done a good job. >>> hagel has been confirmed. many republicans opposed hagel's nomination because of comments he made about iran. >>> statewide 54% of those asked say they favor legalizin
for the most part. several degrees cooler with the east bay, 60s and alameda. 60s in livermore. temperatures are going to drop into the fifties. for the north bay, a mixture of 60s. cooler than we have seen. it is going to be much cooler with the chance of rain on thursday. >> the hype is finally almost over. what the brothers had to say. gary radnich has that with brothers had to say. gary radnich has that with sportat ikea, we don't just design furniture. we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas. brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone. >> gary: good evening, everybody. harbaugh brother s. this has never happened. sitting down together and what they turn out. even their 97 year-old grandfather. and they came out smelling like a rose. here are a few seconds. >> can you name something that you have taken from your mother that you apply. >> there is nobody more competitive she competes like a maniac. she has always believed in us. the most important thing to me is that she believed in me. >> issue
sued the city of alameda for not trying to rescue him. he waded out into the water and family members say he was suicidal. police did not go into the was the he and they said they did not know if he was violent and they were not certified to conduct water rescues. >> the case stems from the november decision ken salazar to not renew the farm lease, they wanted a 10 year extension. >> work officially begins, the construction is expected to provide relief at one of the most congested places. the daily clog should ease by 2015 and it does include bart's light rail extension. >>> it has been closed after they discovered things inside. it connects with the beach park and sea cliff neighborhoods. crews discovered the weakness as they began a tunnel repair project to install a new drainage system and the repairs are expected to take about three months. >> let's go over to sal for a look at traffic, sal? >>> we don't have a lot going on which is nice, we have a lot of people still at home getting ready and if you are at home, you can see traffic is going to be good with some of the commutes h
:00 p.m., the first strike in the history of alameda. that is what is happening in the balance. with 10 months of contract negotiations. the alameda unified district dragging on. they want smaller class sizes and more pay. they have offered a 2.5 percent raise. happening right now of this meeting underway charles? >> reporter: right no, i am outside alameda. you can see the alameda education association. five other 24 members and because you just mentioned they have been in contract negotiations. for the past 10 months. negotiations have reached a difficult stage with money seems to be a sticking point. they want a 4.5% increase they have not had a pay increase since 2008. there were not available for comment. they did release a statement. they expect contract negotiations to resume they are going to hope that this will be resolved soon. will have more coming up on kron 4 news and 8:00 p.m. in the east bay, charles clifford, kron 4. >> pam: right now, a young oakland couple, thought to be missing in south america, has apparently been found safe. but family members are just yet. jamie ne
the investigation. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> the alameda county sheriff's office said a deputy and sergeant were pursuing a car that failed to stop for them 9:30 last night. a black sheriff's suv avoided him and he lost control and couldn't maneuver to the front of him. >> he slips that car then hit an suv and then hit it on another parked car. >> the deputy and sergeant parked the car and neither appeared to suffer a serious injury. >>> the father of a young girl asked to pay for her funeral. >> last night about 100 people attended a vigil, she died early saturday morning during a fire at her father's home in treasure island. five family members made it out of the building but he was trapped on the second floor. >> that was my baby and all i keep thinking about is i heard her cry. >> two firefighters tried to rescue her, carolina's mother said she has 10 other children to help pay for her daughter's funeral. >> they were crashing into a motor boat. they collided about 10 minutes after leaving sol alito. they were travel at a high rate of speed and they will also take a drug te
con la polica... blanca ---el alguacil del condado de alameda "greg ahern" informo que maÑana jueves volvera a presentar su plan.... take vo ....para desplegar aviones no tripulados para vigilar areas remotas del condado. ---segun documentos revelados la semana pasada... take half slab ...las naves sobretodo serian utilizadas para misiones donde haya explosivos, derrames de quimicos peligrosos, situaciones donde haya rehenes, y desastres naturales entre otros. ---el costo por cada unidad seria de mas de 30 mil dolares. cesar ---hoy es mircoles de ceniza, inicio de la cuaresma... pitch - blanca ---y este aÑo el mundo catlico empieza la temporada... take vo ....asimilando an la renuncia del papa benedicto 16 anunciada el lunes, para sorpresa de millones de fieles en todo el mundo. stop open roll open take 2 box jaime peluffo se encuentra en vivo desde la iglesia nuestra seÑora de guadalupe ........y nos trae el sentir de la comunidad catlica.. jaime. take jaime live cu - peluffo asi es, la casa de dios estuvo :46 - :50 :51 - :56 1:03 - 1:08 1:09 - 1:14 trt: 1:36 o.c. "condición de p
thefts in alameda county are on the rise again after a half a decade of steady decline. in 2012 there were 12,622 vehicle thefts recorded by alameda county law enforcement agencies. that's up 17 percent from the previous year. the rise comes after vehicle theft hit a ten year low in 20-10 when the county recorded just over nine- thousand thefts. the ch-p in hayward recorded the sharpest rise in auto thefts with a 155 percent increase. meanwhile c-h-p officers in dublin saw a 117 percent rise in auto thefts. the east bay regional parks district had a 60 percent increase. and albany police recorded a 50 percent rise. early this afternoon the del norte bart station in el cerrito was evacuated and closed. the walnut creek bomb squad and a bomb sniffing dog investigated a suspicious item. a bus bridge was established to help passengers who could not access the station while the investigation was underway. >> it was an item, a suspicious item that was not an explosive material. the station was reopened by 2:3o this afternoon when it was clear the item was not dangerous. >> if you're n
medical center in san jose received one penalty costing $100,000. alameda county officials say they have sat down the as soon as possible medical center in san leandro calling it a bogus medical center. the district attorney's office says they have filed felony criminal charges against the doctor, who was dispensing drugs as most relaxants, anti- inflammatory agents and creams to patients who did not need them. of this is a close the centers facility on 150th avenue and san leandro as well as other clinics in hayward, they develop in fairfield. >> and emeryville an office building was evacuated yesterday morning because of a bomb threat that has been given the all clear. the threat prompted a six hour evacuation of the building used by division of the lawrence berkeley national lab. streets were also clothes were black in every direction while a bomb squad when ansas we the building. the search turned up nothing suspicious. >> new details released about the deadly triple shooting at a rural home in sonoma county. at a news conference shared officials said they believe the three victims w
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